Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tariff mentioned is with fuel?
Answer:   No the tariff mentioned is without fuel

2. Then why you allow only 250 Kms/Day? As I will be filling the fuel.
Answer:   Yes we agree that you (Customer) will be filling the fuel, but We do have kilometers restrictions because every kilometer you drive there is a maintenance involved. Hence there is a kilometer restrictions per day.

3. Do you provide fuel for initial 250 kms?
Answer: No we do not provide fuel.    

4. How does the insurance work?
Answer:   We do have comprehensive insurance for all the vehicles. The insurance will only be claimed if the damage billing is more than Rs.15,000/-, the customer will be liable to pay the insurance difference amount & vehicle grounding charges. We advise the customer to drive the vehicle safely.

5. Do you drop the vehicle at airport?
Answer:  Yes we do have airport pickup/drop facility. But it will be costing you 1500 Rs one way (As airport is situated approx. 50 kms away from the city).   

6. How a day will be calculated?
Answer:  From the time you take next 24 hours is considered as one day.

7. Till what time you are open?
Answer: we are open from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM. You need to pick/drop the vehicle at above mentioned timings. You can’t return the vehicle after 10 PM. As it will be collected only after 7 AM next day.
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