No the tariff mentioned is without fuel.
Yes we agree that you (Customer) will be filling the fuel, but we do have kilometres restrictions because every kilometre you drive there is maintenance involved. Hence there is a kilometre restriction per day. However for every extra kms driven apart from restricted kms, you would be charged extra.
No we do not provide fuel for initial kms. However all our car’s fuel tank would be toped up, customer will also top up on returning the car.
We do have comprehensive insurance for all the vehicles. The insurance will only be claimed if the damage billing is more than Rs.25,000/-, the customer will be liable to pay the insurance difference amount & vehicle grounding charges. Below the said value the customer has to settle with show room bill. We advise the customer to drive the vehicle safely.
Yes, we do have airport pickup/drop facility subject to availability of drivers. But it will be costing you 1500 Rs one way (As airport is situated approx. 50 Kms away from the city).
From the time you take the car till next 24 hours is considered as one day. However our business hours are from 6am till 10.30pm.
Our office hours are from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM. You need to pick/drop the vehicle at above mentioned timings.
Since Transport department had made it mandate for fastag in highways, all our car is equipped with tag’s. The customer who wanted to avail this service should pay upfront to recharge the service. We receive updated report of tolls paid within 24 to 48 hrs, we would calculate according to the fastag statement and same will be collected or refunded to customer.
Rental hours for our cars are 24 hours and multiple days, however we grant 3 hrs extensions owing to unavoidable circumstances with extra hour to be paid additionally as per pricelist.
Customer’s who wanted to avail this service should prepay depending upon their destination, however they can get in touch with +91 888 456 5555 or call the toll free number mentioned behind the tag for assistance.
It is a unpredictable situation, accidents can be caused due our negligence or the opponent mistake. Do not panic reach for emergence service at once like ambulance or transport road emergency assistance telephone numbers, ensure the safety of co passengers. Find and reach the nearest police station and register a report and collect an acknowledgement, you may also contact +91 888 456 5555 for assistance.
Booking car can happen over telephone or visit, however the booking will be confirmed only after the customer or member make advance of one day rental Via transfer or cash.
Cancellation and rescheduling of cars are allowed for the convenience of customer please refers to cancelation link under policies tab for complete details.
Our Company’s vision is to decrease traffic, pollution and stagnation of traffic in city, we appreciate the customers who would support car mobility / subscription / pooling services and would love to partner.